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Your first dental visit

If you’ve booked in for a check up and clean, the dentist will check

  • at all the soft tissues and muscles of the mouth
  • the teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • the jaw joint
  • any crowding issues

They may need to take some xrays of the mouth to diagnose decay and check that existing dental treatment is still satisfactory. Once all the information is collected, they will formulate a treatment plan base on your needs and priorities in a discussion together. They will also phase treatment based on your budget and time.

A scale and clean involves the removal of calculus and tartar buildup. If left too long, bacteria can invade the gums leading to bone loss, bleeding gums (Gingivitis) gum disease. We recommend 6 monthly checkup and cleans to maintain the health of your teeth and gums

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If you have a toothache, we endeavour for you to be seen on the day and get you out of pain. Once the pain has gone you are able to book back for a check up and clean so we can discuss any other issues to prevent future toothaches from occuring

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